Interview in Millenium Film Journal


Interview with Richard Tuohy about Simon Liu's quadruple 16mm projection Highview featured in Fall 2017 MFJ No. 67 “The Long Form”. The Millennium Film Journal is dedicated to avant-garde cinema theory and practice. It provides a forum for discussion and debate in the United States and abroad. To read the interview, purchase this issue and others here

Star Ferry Selected for International Film Festival Rotterdam 2018


Star Ferry (2018), selected for International Film Festival Rotterdam as part of the Bright Futures: Bright Future Shorts 2018 and will be screened in the program Repetition Maximum. This program celebrates the power of repetition and showcases films in 16mm and 35mm format, made using exceptional techniques. Shifting patterns and visual rhythms have a meditative effect and – if the repetition continues – lead to a trance-like sensation. Further info here

Highview selected for BFI - London Film Festival : Experimenta Program, London, UK

Highview, (2017) selected for the BFI - London Film Festival: Experimenta Program. The program SURFACE TENSIONS explores the environment, both natural and built, becomes transferred and layered into moving images that through observation, manipulation and humour, confront purpose and confound expectation. Programmed by Helen de Witt | Total running time 113min Saturday 14 October 2017 15:45, BFI Southbank, NFT3. Further info here

Art Cinema OFF OFF at Ghent Film Fest, Ghent, Belgium

 Highview & Cluster Click City Sundays will feature in the To Be Alive! program at Art Cinema OFF OFF part of the 2017 Ghent Film Festival. To Be Alive! is a celebration of analogue photography, where 16mm projectors and celluloid film are handled and manipulated live on stage by the artists.

The two films will feature alongside a live performance by William Raban one of the pioneers of the British structural and expanded film scene. In the seventies, he was a central figure of the London Filmmakers' Co-Op and made waves with films that were screened with either two or three 16mm projectors.  Following Raban, the French filmmaker Christophe Auger will take the stage. In the eighties, Auger co-founded METAMKINE, a group that abided in punk milieus and attracted attention through strong visual and auditory performances. In his solo work, Auger continues his pioneering research of the film image- by means of different projectors, he creates a ‘film' that is strictly performative and thus tells a different story with every performance. Simon Liu, who has roots in Hong Kong, is an absolute star of the New York underground. With several 16mm projectors, he generates a multitude of colors and rhythms that together tell one story. Dreamlike images from Lui's family life merge into one striking and poetic image. Although his work could recently be seen in Centre Pompidou, Werkstatt der Kulturen in Berlin, the Rotterdam Film Festival and the Whitney Museum in New York, never before has Liu showcased his work in Belgium. Lastly, the Venezuelan-Spanish duo Adriana Vila Guevara and Luis Macias will bring their latest work: Even Silence is Cause of Storm, a film performance with four projectors accompanied by the electronic music of Alfredo Costa Monteiro, wherein our uneasy relationship with nature is singled out. An experience that turns out to be hypnotic, subtle and violent all at the same time...

Art Cinema OFFoff is a unique presentation and research platform devoted to experimental film.

OFFoff's presentations review the rich history of cinema and its lost and obscure corners. The protagonists of the avant-garde film are confronted with the audiovisual creations of the emerging artists. At the base of each program is the form of the film: OFFoff creates the space to show what is possible with the cinema. The choice always goes resolutely towards the works which testify to an attitude of research and deviating from the medium. The presentations receive a broader perspective through presentations, which keep the debate around the film, and through live performances and experimental concerts, which look for the formal aspects of film in practice. Thus, OFFoff's white canvas becomes a meeting place for fans, critics, researchers and artists

Further info here

Highview selected for Festival du nouveau cinéma, Montreal, Canada


Highview, 2017 has been selected for the 46th Edition Festival du nouveau cinéma, included in the Les Nouveaux Alchimistes program. 

The Festival du nouveau cinéma is a showcase for cinema of all types, from offbeat, one-of-a-kind niche works to crowd-pleasers to daringly innovative big events. Films that make your heart race, bowl you over and change your life. Films that break down the language of cinema only to reinvent it; films that leave you breathless on the edge of your seat. In every one of its sections, the Festival sets itself the goal of supporting and spotlighting major works, serving as a springboard for their originality and variety. Cinema at its best,  shorts and features, documentaries and fiction from Quebec and around the world,  awaits you at the Festival, where you’ll discover new trends, new horizons, eagerly awaited releases and up-and-coming talents. While keeping in mind what happens to these carefully selected films after their appearance at the Festival, the programming team puts together a rich, varied lineup to celebrate local and international cinema the way it deserves, year after year.

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New Orleans Film Festival , 2017, Cinema Reset presents a video projection of Highview


As part of the New Orleans Film Festival , 2017, Cinema Reset is presenting a video projection of the avant-garde film, HIGHVIEW, against the historic Scottish Rite Temple. Located across the street from New Orleans Film Fest headquarters at Ace Hotel, Free and open to the public. 

Now in its 28th year, the New Orleans Film Festival, October 11-19, 2017, has grown into an internationally respected annual event that attracts 20-25k people, 400+ filmmakers, and 240 films. It is one of the few film festivals that is Oscar-qualifying in all three Academy-accredited categories: Narrative Short, Documentary Short, and Animated Short—and it’s been recognized by MovieMaker Magazine as one of the “Top 50 Film Festivals Worth the Entry Fee” every year since 2012 (one of only two festivals to receive that recognition for six straight years).

Since 2012 Cinema Reset has worked to bring exciting new media works to New Orleans, facilitate community media arts workshops, and champion diverse creative voices on the front lines of emerging art and storytelling forms. Cinema Reset began as a single exhibition, and since then we have grown into an organization that supports interdisciplinary and hybrid media. As curators, we prioritize sharing works that don't quite fit within traditional gallery or film festival settings. We support and exhibit dynamic transmedia storytelling, experimental media performance, immersive virtual reality projects, multimedia installations, video art, and more. We also promote the revitalization of celluloid-film processes, and host screenings of genre-defying films and animations.