Highview selected for Festival du nouveau cinéma, Montreal, Canada


Highview, 2017 has been selected for the 46th Edition Festival du nouveau cinéma, included in the Les Nouveaux Alchimistes program. 

The Festival du nouveau cinéma is a showcase for cinema of all types, from offbeat, one-of-a-kind niche works to crowd-pleasers to daringly innovative big events. Films that make your heart race, bowl you over and change your life. Films that break down the language of cinema only to reinvent it; films that leave you breathless on the edge of your seat. In every one of its sections, the Festival sets itself the goal of supporting and spotlighting major works, serving as a springboard for their originality and variety. Cinema at its best,  shorts and features, documentaries and fiction from Quebec and around the world,  awaits you at the Festival, where you’ll discover new trends, new horizons, eagerly awaited releases and up-and-coming talents. While keeping in mind what happens to these carefully selected films after their appearance at the Festival, the programming team puts together a rich, varied lineup to celebrate local and international cinema the way it deserves, year after year.

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