Harbour City, 2016

16mm Dual Projection // Colour & B/W // 14 Minutes

A view through cracks between fish markets and high-rise buildings; urban imagery of Hong Kong and the indulgence of domestic life. Massage parlors, dim sum parlors, nail parlors—its Parlor City, baby!

Incited by the airy weight of digital platforms and their approaches, I imagined ironing flat potentially conflicting 16mm negatives via an industrial contact printer. Views thicken; detail lost over generations. A dream of turning two images into one, a density of information reserved for the modern cloud.-- SL


International Film Festival Rotterdam 2016

Haunting Images: A Live Cinema Event with Lim Giong - M+ Museum

New Waves, New Shores: Cannes Directors’ Fortnight 50 Meets HK Cinema

CROSSROADS 2016 (w/ SF Cinematheque) - *Audience Award Winner

Paris Festival of Different & Experimental Cinemas 2016

Lausanne Underground Film Festival 2019

Winnipeg Underground Film Festival 2018

Moscow International Experimental Film Festival 2016

EXiS: Experimental Film & Video in Seoul 2016

China Independent Film Festival 2016

Moviate Underground Film Festival 2017

Untitled Art Fair (SF) 2017  w/ San Francisco Cinematheque

Filmmakers Co-Op NY: New Year New Works Program 2017

Bains Argentiques - International Meeting of Artist-Run Film Labs

Kilroy Metal Ceiling - "HANDMADE MOVIES"

Songs For Presidents Gallery

Mono No Aware IX 

Microscope Gallery

FilMadrid 2016

Analogica 2016