Signal 8, 2019

16mm // Sound // Color // 14 Minutes  

They said a storm is calling this way but we’re still waiting. Lives carry on in Hong Kong as traces of civic upkeep morph into sites of remembrance. Decorative structures mimic nature then occasionally malfunction - transforming common spectacle to warning signs. The light urges to tell us something but can't quite get its point across. Patience tested for another day. An exercise in anticipatory energy and a rain song for tomorrow.

“Simon Liu’s eerie, entrancing portrait of contemporary Hong Kong tracks a series of strange disruptions to the city’s urban infrastructure. Deceptively tranquil 16mm images of everyday life are accompanied by muffled music cues, ominous radio transmissions, and intimations of an impending hazardous event that may never arrive.” — Projections, New York Film Festival

World Premiere at the New York Film Festival 2019 : Projections

Music / Sound Design by Julia Bloop - More Info HERE