Sneyd Green,2016

16mm // Color // Sound // 11 min.

It’s any day, any year in the house of Alan and Vera in their Post-Industrial English conurbation formerly known for their world renown pottery industry, yet on this week they are interrupted by their camera toting grandson. This May is one of moving, dancing, and gliding more softly and with greater awareness. They might have been stars, they could have been famous! -- SL 

Conceived as a ditty; presented with an orchestra of loved ones, "Sneyd Green" is a handmade exploration of positive and negative space in concert with past and present yearnings.

Recent Screenings

Hamburg International Short Film Festival 2017

Kassel Documentary Film & Video Festival 2017

Milwaukee Underground Film Festival 2018

FRACTO : Experimental Film Encounter 2018

San Diego Underground Film Festival 2017

Maryland Film Festival 2017

AntiMatter [Media Art] 2017

Split Film Festival 2017

Microscope Gallery

Songs For Presidents Gallery