Film by Simon Liu // 16mm Quadruple Projection or 35mm Print // Optical Sound // 20 Minutes // Music by Warren Ng & Ben Hozie // 16mm Film Hand Printed & Processed at Negativland Motion Picture Lab: Brooklyn, NY  Shot on location in Hong Kong & Stoke-On-Trent, United Kingdom

Upon the North Point a torrential downpour of instants tease their way into sight, but never fully form. Shutter-induced memories reduced to speckles, dissipating into fog. Here, my initial disappointments in a material defect morph into opportunity - satisfying an itch to melt instances together, to see any number of places as one.

I want to go home. These images were meant to show us what goes where - but I can't make out the path. Maybe we should lay them all out on the floor and try to put the pieces back together. In another five days, I'll need to leave. -- SL

“Personal moments are lost in film cuttings or disappear into a coloured fog only to suddenly reappear in a new constellation. This is the visual richness of Highview: four, partially overlapping, 16mm images that fully coalesce into a colourful abstract painting but also create a narrative as an exploded montage.” — International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR)


International Film Festival Rotterdam 2017

BFI London Film Festival - Experimenta 2017

Festival Du Nouvéau Cinéma 2017

Hong Kong International Film Festival 2017

Lausanne Underground Film Festival 2017

EXiS (Experimental Film & Video in Seoul) 2017

AntiMatter [Media Art] 2017

New Orleans Film Festival 2017

"To Be Alive!" w/ Art Cinema OFFoff @ Ghent Film Fest


FilMadrid 2017